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July 25, 2004:

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Now that's what I call an audit trail!!... 1984 and much much more....
Best practice audit tools .... RFID implants for everyone! .. Now if only we could read minds...
"There's not a lot of middle ground on the subject of implanting electronic identification chips in humans. RFID advocates say the potentially life-saving benefits--such as identifying disaster victims and improving medical care--far outweigh any Orwellian privacy concerns. Critics counter that such technologies would make it easier for governments and corporations to track a person's every movement, and open a Pandora's box of privacy abuses. " [CNET - August 23, 2004]

Apathy reigns while the FCC provides for future contributions to opinion uniformity...
Will we all be singing the same song soon?....
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
Dr. Martin Luther King
"What will happen when the FCC changes the rules isn't certain. But do local people even care?" [Forbes/June 2, 2003]

For Whom? The Bells Toll?...
Another good reason to get rid of all that nasty wiring....
"Bells Could Win Now, Lose Later .." [Forbes/January 6, 2003]

Cyberterrorism in 2003 .. Ignore the Unix for lunch title....
A major cyberterrorism event will disrupt the economy and bring the Internet to its knees for at least a day or two...
"a war with Iraq would galvanize hackers into cyberterror action.." [ZD Net/December 16, 2002]

Feds slap on hefty fines for sloppy record-keeping...
Get your checkbooks ready for more and bigger fines...
"Wall Street's Lesson In Housekeeping.." [Forbes/December 3, 2002]

Will regulation help secure e-commerce or will resulting security costs make e-commerce prohibitive for small businesses?
Deserves a little study before fully embracing the feds regulation.
"IT Warns Against Slippery Slope to Regulation.." [EWeek News/November 22, 2002]

Security Standards the Feds would like to see.
This will keep you out of trouble with Feds ... but will it be secure?
"The federal government on Tuesday released for comment a new set of guidelines for securing computer systems and networks." [E week/October 30,2002]